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Second Opinion Expert

“Blood in my stool prompted me to have a colonoscopy done by a surgeon and was told I would need to have half my colon removed because of pre-cancerous plops. The outlook for me was bleak, diarrhea, colostomy bag were some of the possible outcomes of a partial colon removal.

After talking to my physician, Dr. Hill, he referred me to Dr. Gupta for a second opinion. From the first meeting with Dr. Gupta, I felt reassured that he could help me without having major surgery. He explained in detail how it would be done with a few non-invasive colonoscopies. Dr. Gupta was very informative and was very patient to answer all our questions and concerns. Making sure that we understood and agreed with what needed to be done. He informed us that there still might be the possibility of surgery but he would do everything possible to avoid that. He impressed me with his knowledge, credentials, straight forwardness and how he gave us his recommendations and let us make the decisions. His prep was less nauseating than other prep solutions I was forced to take in the past for a colonoscopy. This turned out to be the only difficult part of the entire process. The surgical center was top shelf as well as the staff, making me as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Gupta met with me right before the procedure to make sure that I didn’t have any concerns or questions. He was also there right after the procedure to explain what he had found with pictures of the plops he had found and removed. I have my life and quality of life, thanks to Dr. Gupta.”

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