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Patient Portal

Gastroenterology of Greater Orlando’s patient portal allows our patients to communicate directly, safely, and securely with our patient care providers.

If you are already an established patient, you can now use the power of our patient portal to track your care.

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Patient Portal Guidelines

Please do not use email or the portal to communicate if there is an emergency or urgent need for communication.  If there is an emergency, call the clinic at (386) 668-2221 immediately.

Proper Subject Matter

– Prescription refills, medical questions, lab results, appointment reminders or requests, routine follow-up questions, billing invoices, etc.

– Billing questions may be submitted through this site

– Sensitive subject matter (HIV, mental health, work excuses, etc.) is not permitted

– We do not refill narcotics/stimulants through this site, please contact your pharmacy

– Please be concise

Current Functionality of Patient Portal

– E-mail and secure messaging

– Refill requests (please make sure we have you correct pharmacy information)

– Viewing and printing of “continuity of health record”

– Viewing and “updating” of health information

– You can make suggestions to our health records, medication lists, etc but this will not change your permanent record without our “ok” to any information provided

– Referral Requests

Future Functions

– Instant health questionnaire

– Appointment requests

– Other functions are in development to allow easier access!

Disclaimers & Privacy Notice

– Because your login is tied directly to your Electronic Health Record in our office, you do not need to enter information such as phone numbers, addresses, UNLESS they are new or different than you have given us before.

– Communication through this portal is secure and encrypted.

– All communication will be included in your patient record

– We will keep all e-mail lists confidential and will not share this data with other parties

– Our system will check when messages are viewed, so no need to reply that it has been read.

Response Time

We will normally respond to non-urgent email inquires within 24 hrs but no later than 3 business days after receipt. If we are unable to access email for any reason we will attempt to have an automatic response inform you of this as soon as possible.