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In just the way that diabetes started out as a newly discovered disease and has now became the major health condition that we understand today, Gastroparesis is also taking the same path. Gastroparesis is a stomach disease with no defined cure. This ailment involves a reduced rate in which the stomach empties its content. It has well-pronounced symptoms like bloating, chronic abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, early satiety, and many more.

The fact that Gastroparesis has no major cure makes it a serious and frustrating ailment, and it is also quite unfortunate that this disease has been under-diagnosed and under-treated. Often times, Gastroparesis can be mistaken for an ulcer, allergic reaction, or even heart problems. This, in turn, leads to undertreated cases. Perhaps, if the diagnosis were done correctly, treatment could be made easier and more effective.

  • The symptoms of Gastroparesis are often non-specific which makes diagnosis a difficult task. This situation makes Gastroparesis an under diagnosed disease. Quickly ruling out other possibilities like mechanical gastric obstructions, inflammatory conditions, peptic ulcers, gallbladder issues, pancreatic issues, and various other conditions with similar symptoms can help lead to a quicker diagnosis. An endoscopy, radiology imaging, and gastric emptying study can be useful to aid in diagnosis. This is decided on each individual case.
  • Undertreated is a major set back and it is a result of under-diagnosed Gastroparesis. There are so many detrimental effect of under diagnosis. Under treated Gastroparesis can lead to worsening symptoms which might end up requires hospitalization. This is because Gastroparesis develops in stages depending on severity and can evolve to grade 3. Proper diagnosis and treatment is the only way to combat this disease.
  • The moment the proper diagnosis is done, treatment becomes easyEndoscopy, health history, and radiology imaging are the best ways to diagnose Gastroparesis. There are different types of treatments that can be used to treat Gastroparesis including diet changes, lifestyle changes, and certain pro-motility medications.

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