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Hemorrhoids are a condition of enlarged veins located in the anus or rectal region. Common symptoms of inflamed hemorrhoid include continuous inching of the anus which leads to irritation and pain, difficulties controlling excretion, blood in stool, and many more. Although this disease is typically not life-threatening, the symptoms can be very bothersome and greatly effect quality of life. By exploring various treatment options, patient can experience improvement and often complete resolution of symptoms.

Just as we mentioned earlier, hemorrhoid can be treated, but what treatment options are there to consider? There are several types of treatments apart from CRH Banding that can be used to treat this painful and irritating disease, but this particular treatment is proven to be very effective and has many added benefits. Alternative options include surgical resection which often results in longer recovery times, associated surgical pain, and more invasive procedures.

  • Hemorrhoid disease affects about half of the population of adults above the age of 50. If you are experiencing symptoms similar to what is listed above, you should consider discussing CHR Banding with your GI doctor. CRH Banding technique is known to be effective even among the worst case scenarios of Hemorrhoids. Although other home remedies could be of help for temporary relief, CRH Banding can eliminate the underlying cause of these troublesome symptoms.
  • When CRH Banding is used, recovery times are shorter. Surgical options take a longer time to heal and can be much more uncomfortable. However, in certain cases surgical intervention is favored. It is important to speak with your gastroenterologist about which option is right for you.


Just like any other disease, early diagnosis is the best way to combat adverse outcomes. A GI doctor can help to diagnose and assess the present stage of your hemorrhoids. Here at Gastroenterology of Greater Orlando, we are dedicated to helping provide a lasting solution to resolve your hemorrhoid. We have professionals that are well trained in the CRH Banding and would love to discuss this with you further. You can check visit to learn more about us.

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